Exploring Membership 

We are so glad you’re interested in membership at St. Paul’s! We are so happy that God brought you to us! 

We offer our Exploring Membership series of classes twice a year to help you make an informed, prayerful decision about choosing St. Paul’s as your new church home. We ask all people transferring membership from another church to participate in our Exploring Membership process — as it is for your benefit to truly connect to the life and ministry of St. Paul’s. 

You can sign up, for the next class,  by emailing Heather Jackson, at HeatherJ@StPaulsSumemrville.org. If you need childcare, please give their names and ages in the email. 

We look forward to meeting you!

Our Next Class will begin with a brunch, on February 6th at 12 p.m., in the Atrium of Doar Hall!

Connect 101

This is a one-hour introduction and overview of the vision, ministry, and family of St. Paul’s. 

Basic Christianity

Our church’s first goal is to make sure that we all know Jesus and what He came to do for us. We offer a book study on “Basic Christianity” by John Stott. This classic book explains the Gospel message in an easy-to-understand format and is typically four weeks. (If you have previously completed Cursillo or Alpha Course, you can opt-out of this component.)

Joys of Anglicanism

We want our church to be filled with strong Christians, and we also want them to understand the rich Anglican tradition. Whether you have a different denominational background, or grew up in the Anglican Church and just want to examine why we do what we do, this is a wonderful course in the history, theology, and worship of the church.

Connect 102

Finally, we want new members to know and use their God-given spiritual gifts. We do this through Connect 102 Spiritual Gifts Inventory. Cathy McGrew helps folks on their journey to understanding what spiritual gifts they possess, and how they might apply their gifts in ministry at St. Paul’s. Cathy also helps you get connected to a Life Group.

Confirmation, Reception, and Reaffirmation

We conclude each series of Exploring Membership Classes by renewing your baptismal vows at our public service of Confirmation. Our Bishop visits twice a year to pray for and receive new members into St. Paul’s through Confirmation, Reception, and Reaffirmation. We ask all transferring and new members to participate in this wonderful and powerful service, where the Bishop invokes the Holy Spirit to release in you the gifts for ministry in your new church home. It is a beautiful moment of celebration as you join your new church family!