St. Paul’s Churchyard

St. Paul’s Churchyard is located on the grounds on St. Paul’s Anglican Church in the historic district of Summerville, South Carolina. Members of the church have been privileged to use portions of the churchyard as a place of burial since 1847 or earlier, and is intended for this custom to continue. 

For the churchyard to remain a dignified and beautiful place, the cooperation of every lot owner is required in observing the Rules and Regulations. The Vestry of St. Paul’s Church has adopted them in order to preserve the appearance of the churchyard and to safeguard the sanctity of each grave. They are intended as a reference for lot owners and a guide for everyone toward maintaining the high standard set for our churchyard. The Vestry reserves for itself, the Churchyard Board and their successors the right to make all rules, regulations, limitations, and restrictions necessary to protect future welfare of the churchyard and the rights of all lot owners. Full consideration will be given to lot owners at all times, so long as the Vestry and the Churchyard Board feel that there is no conflict with the overall plan for the grounds and no adverse effect to the beauty of the property or the rights of the owners.