To be married by one of our clergy, one of the parties needs to be an active member of St. Paul’s Summerville. Consideration is also given if parents or grandparents are current, active members. If a couple wants to consider marriage at St. Paul’s, and they are not currently members, they may go through the pre-marital and membership processes concurrently and should plan their wedding date to be set about 6-12 months after initial inquiry. The membership process is as follows:

  • Complete the Alpha Course, an 11-week course covering the basics of Christianity, offered twice a year (Spring and Fall)
  • Complete Connect 101 – a class offering on the vision, values, and ministry of St. Paul’s
  • Be prepared to complete Financial Peace University within 18 months of joining St. Paul’s

Reserving Dates, Place, and Cost

Weddings are usually held in the historic church building, which seats approximately 225 people max.  Doar Hall seats around 550 people and is available for rent. Only one wedding will be scheduled on the same day to give each wedding party ample time. There is no charge for the use of the church building for marriages. 

Premarital Preparation

Complete the PREPARE inventory, a written premarital tool used to better aid in the premarital process. This inventory is a series of statements that are responded to in varying degrees of agreement or disagreement. It can be completed online with the scoring sent to the Rector and an appointment set to discuss it. There is a $35 charge for the inventory. Meet 3-5 times with one of the clergy for premarital conversation. Complete the Alpha Course if you haven’t already done so (see Membership above).

Remarriage After Divorce

Provision for the marriage of divorced persons is given after discussion with the clergy. A divorce should be final for one year before application and a copy of the final divorce decree must also be submitted. The provision for remarriage after divorce is based on God’s promise of grace and forgiveness and requires the permission of the Bishop of our diocese as well.

For More Information:

For more information or to schedule a wedding, please contact our Parish Administrator at 843-873-1991 or