The Kenya Mission Catalogue 2023-2024

by | Nov 18, 2023

The Kenya Mission Initiative seeks to lift up the spiritually rich but sometimes physically poor communities in Kisumu, Kenya, coming alongside them to meet their physical needs. With your partnership, we can support struggling individuals, families and entire communities and in so doing demonstrate God’s love in a practical way to someone in need. You, your family, your small group and your friends have an opportunity to ease the suffering and struggles of others this Christmas by prayerfully choosing an item on this catalog and giving towards it. For more information on supporting these opportunities, contact Father Fred.  

1. Care for an Orphan
For a gift of $35 you can demonstrate your faith in Christ by caring for orphans and vulnerable children. Your gift will provide them with food, clothes and an opportunity to get an education. This is true religion. “Religion that is pure and undefiled before God the Father is this: to visit orphans and widows in their affliction, and to keep oneself unstained from the world.” James 1:27
Suggested Gift: $35

2. Support a Poor Farming Family
In 2023, more than 15 million Kenyans live in extreme poverty with the poverty threshold at 1.90 dollars a day. Your $35 gift will help provide food and other basic
necessities for poor family in Kisumu. They will also be provided with seeds, tools and
training in better agricultural practices. Improving the livelihoods of these families
creates opportunities for sharing the Gospel with them.
Suggested Gift: $35

3. Build a House for a Homeless Family
There are many families in rural Kisumu that lack adequate shelter. Every year, the Diocese of Maseno South conducts a needs assessment to select family beneficiaries within its geographical jurisdiction. The selection criteria is based on the elderly, child-
headed households, widows, orphans and vulnerable children as well as HIV/AIDS infected/affected families. Your gift will make it possible for new houses to be built,
giving the needy families a decent place to call home, security, resilience and stability of families and communities in Kisumu. This year we built 16 houses.
Suggested Gift: $1,500
Share the Cost: $75

4. Help a Family Raise Livestock
One of the ways of empowering impoverished families is not only providing livestock but also teaching them to care for the livestock, which then become a valuable source of income. The livestock include dairy cattle, goats and chicken. For $75 you can give a family a dairy goat, for $350 you give a dairy cow and for $30 you can give chickens.
Suggested Gift: $350 for a cow; $75 for a goat and $30 for chickens


5. Equip Clergy for Ministry
While the growth of the Africa church in recent years has been phenomenal, one of the biggest challenges the church in Africa has is the urgent need of leadership training especially for the clergy. It is estimated that 70 percent of all clergy have little or no formal theological training. As a result, there is an increase in preaching the “prosperity gospel” and false doctrines while syncretistic expressions of the Christian faith are rampant. In responding to this need you can play a part in equipping clergy in the Diocese of Maseno South by providing opportunities for clergy to receive adequate theological education. Your gift will equip an evangelist or pastor with the much-needed training to enable them pastor/disciple their churches to be faithful followers of Christ.
Suggested Gift: $600
Share the Cost: $60

6. Build a Church
For a long time, church buildings in the Diocese of Maseno South were made of grass-thatched roofs and mud walls and would often collapse during storms. Several
congregations are in the process of building permanent places of worship that will last the test of time. This year, we supported Sathala Church to put a new roof on their church building as well provide materials for finishing its construction. The goal in 2024 is to support Bonde Church to put a roof on the church building that is under construction at a cost of $10,000 and Okoyo church which will cost approximately $5,000 to complete.
Suggested Gift: $15,000
Share the Cost: $75

7. Empower women to start micro-enterprises.
The Mothers Union, the women’s ministry in the Anglican Church of Kenya is at the forefront of raising the social and economic status of women, breaking down barriers and challenges faced by women, resulting in them having more say in their households, and helping to create women entrepreneurs. The businesses they create help them to contribute towards their families’ basic needs, medical care and paying tuition for their children. Your gift will help members of the Mothers Union learn about finance and business management skills and start small scale businesses that will generate an income, supporting themselves, their families and their communities in the process.
Suggested Gift: $70

8. Support the Medical Mission
The goal of medical missions is to provide opportunities through which the gifts and abilities of medical professions are used for life changing care for people in desperate need of medical attention and have no access to it. The physical and spiritual needs of men, women and children in many parts of rural Kenya are dire and need hope. Apart from volunteer doctors, dentists and nurses who are willing to follow in the footsteps of the Great Physician, there is need for medicines and other medical supplies that enable the doctors to provide quality care to the patients who come to the free medical clinics. Your gift will provide the supplies needed for the sick to receive physical healing in the name of Jesus Christ.
Suggested Gift: $35

9. Provide Education Scholarships
The growth and increased participation at the primary level of education has increased the demand for secondary and college education. Many of the students come from families that have been affected by AIDS as well as poverty, which makes it difficult for them to access financial means to continue learning. Your gift will provide opportunities for children who seek who seek to overcome the difficult circumstances through education. It costs $600 to pay for a year’s tuition, boarding fees, books and uniform for a high school student and $1200-$1500 per year to support a student through college/university.
Suggested Gift: $600 for high school; $1200-$1500 for college
Share the Cost: $50

10. Build a Science Laboratory
Huma Girls School and Bishop Abiero school are both schools that were founded by the Anglican Diocese of Maseno South. Both have benefited in some way from the support of our churches in the South Carolina. These schools seek to provide quality education to students who mostly come from impoverished homes but struggle due to poor infrastructure and lack of facilities to aid the teaching process. We would like to partner with you to construct at least one science laboratory this year at Bishop Abiero School or Huma Girls School. Your gift will make it possible for the schools to increase their capacity to teach science and computer studies, create critical thinkers, increase science literacy and raise the next generation of innovators.
Suggested Gift: $35,000
Share the Cost: $100